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austrian clubs

Vienna Celtic RFC
RC Donau
Stade Viennois RC
RC Leoben
RC Linz
RC Innsbruck
RC Wombats
RC Salzburg
RC Krems
RC Matadors
RC Vienna 100
RC Vienna International School

Womens Rugby
Womens Rugby Club Innsbruck

Österreichischer Rugby Verband /Austrian Federation
Tiroler Rugby Verband/Tyrolean Federation

Austrian Rugby Webhosting
Help support maintain this webportal and get an affordable webhosting deal. Only Austrian rugby teams are eligble.
See webhosting link for further details.

National Team
The Austrian Rugby Federation can be found at or just follow the link "national team" in the menu on the left. All the stats to the current season can be found there.

Austrian Rugby Webportal