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The Austrian Rugby Webportal is a privately owned non-profit platform setup to help its visitors locate Austrian rugby clubs, as well as offer rugby clubs the opportunity to get their foot in the door of the world wide web, by offering low priced webhosting packages - which in turn help finance the costs of this rugby portal.

Please be advised that this is a purely independent information and link website. All emails intended for rugby clubs in Austria should be directed solely at the clubs themsleves and not towards the management of this website. All emails, regarding tournament participation (i.e. invitations to play in a tournament), inquiries from individuals wishing to play for an Austrian team, etc. will be forwarded, if possible to the correct recipients, however the Austrian Rugby Webportal cannot guarentee that these emails will be read or answered! Therefore, please use the links on this website to find the club you are looking for and address any questions you may have directly to the clubs you wish to receive answers from.
Thank you for your understanding.

-The Austrian Rugby Webportal management


Austrian Rugby Webhosting
Help support maintain this webportal and get an affordable webhosting deal. Only Austrian rugby teams are eligble.
See webhosting link for further details.

National Team
The Austrian Rugby Federation can be found at or just follow the link "national team" in the menu on the left. All the stats to the current season can be found here.

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